Paris Tech Talk #3

Last Tuesday I attended the Paris Tech Talk, hosted at Deezer HQ, near Saint-Lazare.


The Paris Tech Talks aim to be the largest Tech meetup in Paris, inspired by the New York Tech Meetup : They have a few guest speakers every month and provide beer & pizzas for everyone (thanks to their sponsor)!

For this third event, Sylvain Zimmer and Ferdinand Boas, the organizers, invited 4 speakers:

– it started with quite a technical presentation from Laurent Cerveau, ex-Apple (he wrote the audio stack in MacOS at the time), founder of Nephorider. He presented a subject around versioning of applications. You can find his slides here.

Mathieu Nebra, creator of the famous Le Site Du Zéro: he did a bit of history and showed us the very first versions of this e-learning site 14 years ago. He talked about how he went from a hobby to a full company, how managing the community has been their key challenge. And he announced that the site will change his name after all those years, to become “” in preparation of an international development with a more internation brand.

Gawen Arab (co-founder of Forgetbox/Plug/Lima): that’s the CTO of a startup who just raised more than $1M in the summer through kickstarter. They sort of intend to be an alternative to cloud storage, by building a device that unifies your data storage at home (such as your USB drives) into a single shared networked storage for all your devices (phones, tablets, laptops…). I hope he will share his slides as they were quite interesting. I will post them here if he does. but in the meantime you can read more about it on their kickstarter page or on their blog.

– And finally, Clément Moreau, CEO of Sculpteo. This was fun, as he is an old classmate of mine, when I was in engineering school. Sculpteo works in the 3D-printing field. And for the Paris Tech Talk Clément presented their web interface (or Interactive customization tools), to customize 3D-models for 3D-printing, and the custom scripting language they have build for that. His slides are here.

After the 4 talks, we had pizzas and beers and good chats.

I look forward to the next event. And by the way, those talks are recorded and posted on a YouTube channel if you want to watch them.

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