Alt.Net MeetUp – Holiday talks on .Net/Web/Agile/Startup

Yesterday evening I went to the Alt.Net MeetUp – Holiday talks on .Net/Web/Agile/Startup, where I was one of the 4 speakers.

First lightning talk was done by Antoine Blanchet. He showed us the interesting tool they’ve built when they began to face with Nuget limitations. Have a look here!

Then the famous Tom Janssens came to show us how to become better:

” lessons learned in software development, start-ups and life in general”

It was real fun and pretty informative and instructive! A must read!

After Tom it was my turn to speak about Clean Architecture, Portable Areas and the Onion Architecture we’ve put in place at Betclic.

Here are the slides:

Finally it was Rui’s turn to conclude with a really interesting presentation about simplicity.

His talk was about:

frameworks, tools and patterns, to learn why it’s necessary to take over control on simple tools that do the job in order to improve our own workflow, the quality of delivered job, our agility and just to have more fun of it!

Slides here!

Once again it was a real pleasure to be there, hope next time will be soon!

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